Encounters Network started around twenty-five years ago in Missouri and was originally called Ministry to the Nations. It was a natural - supernatural overflow of the relationship that James (Jim) and Michal Ann Goll had with Jesus and with each other. After moving to the Nashville, TN area in 1996, the ministry was eventually renamed Encounters Network – a ministry to the nations. Yes, this strategic ministry has gone thru many seasons of highs and lows. But God has always been faithful. And we believe there is much yet to be done!

A Pivotal Graduation

Michal Ann's graduation to heaven on September 15, 2008 left a huge hole that no one person could ever fill. Her love for serving the poor of the earth motivated her to found a unique expression of love for God and people called Compassion Acts. Today her vision for Compassion Acts continues under the capable leadership of Mark Roye in San Antonio, Texas with his emerging leadership team and organization.

Women on the Frontlines Conferences were conceived and led by James and Michal Ann for 11 years. James continued to lead these strategic events for 6 more years, but eventually he was moved upon by the Holy Spirit to release this thrust to others. Women on the Frontlines is now in the capable hands and leadership of Patricia King with Christian Services Association in Phoenix, AZ and is going global! The DNA remains the same and the dynamic vision continues on.

Vision for the Future

While honoring and stewarding the best of the past, we are excited about what God has for the future of this ministry. Encounters Network has now become the Voice of James W. Goll; a voice, a watchman and a teacher of His ways. Our vision is to equip and mobilize the body of Jesus Christ by teaching and imparting the power of intercession, prophetic ministry, and life in the Spirit.

Expressions of Encounters Network include Prayer Storm - which seeks to mobilize a global army of prayer warriors interceding for Revival in the Church, Prayer for Israel, the World's Greatest Youth Awakening, and Crisis Intercession; the God Encounters Training eSchool of the Heart - which trains believers through an online correspondence school as well as on-site classes; and EN Media - which equips and encourages through free video and audio messages available on demand. Goals of this ministry continue to include networking with leaders in the church and marketplace; friendship and relational care for local church leaders, and support for itinerant and missions ministers around the globe.

Encounters Network seeks to demonstrate the life of Jesus Christ through a team of servant leaders. As friends in Jesus we are members of evangelical, Spirit-filled congregations and ministries around the world. We purpose to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom with signs following to Jews and Gentiles alike. Our desire is to equip the body of Christ to fulfill her destiny as the "House of Prayer for All Nations" and become an "exceedingly great army sent out into all the earth."

Our Structure

James is a part of the Apostolic Team of Harvest International Ministries and networks with leaders worldwide. Encounters Network is a federally approved, tax-exempt religious organization based in TN and governed by a Board of Directors, while periodically receiving counsel from an international apostolic council. Our aim is to walk in integrity and accountability both in moral, financial and doctrinal issues.

Partnering Together

We cannot fulfill this vision alone. Believers in Christ just like you support EN by choosing to become monthly financial partners or giving one-time donations. Together we can see Jesus Christ "receive the rewards of His suffering." We would be honored for you to consider partnering with us in this exciting journey!

Remember, Together in Jesus, We Make a Great Team!

James W. Goll and the Team of Encounters Network